The Roleplayer’s An Infiltration Unit

Tid til en bonusrunde. Kyle Reese: All right, listen. The roleplayer’s an infiltration unit: part man, part nerd. Underneath, it’s a hyper-alloy dice sets, microprocessor rulebook. Fully statted charactersheet; very geeky. But outside, it’s living human tissue: flesh, skin, hair, blood – grown for the NPCs. Sarah Connor: Look, Reese, I don’t know what youFortsæt læsning “The Roleplayer’s An Infiltration Unit”

Come with Me If You Want to Play

Tid til en bonusrunde: Sarah Connor: [narrating] Three billion characters lives ended on August 29th, 1997. The survivors of the nuclear session called the dungeon TPK Day. They live only to face a new nightmare: the game against the game masters. The computer which controlled the game masters, DiceNet, sent two killer DMs back throughFortsæt læsning “Come with Me If You Want to Play”