Call for papers: Kvindelige rollespillere

Tidsskriftet RPGirl søger artikler. Kom glad og bidrag. F.eks. en artikel om Fastaval-antologien Bag din ryg, som er skrevet udelukkende af kvinder.

The RPG = Role Playing Girl Zine is an annual publication about women in gaming. We’re accepting submissions of essays by women gamers, designers, researchers and others interested in role playing games.

Our theme for 2010 is: International Update. We are reaching out to women in the international community, and hope to have a broad cross-section of events and play experiences represented from across the globe.

Essays and articles should be between 500 and 2,500 words in length. Please submit via email in Microsoft Word or Rich Text format. Photos and illustrations are encouraged. Include high resolution (600 dpi) photos with your submission. Cartoons are also welcome!

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Offentliggjort af Morten Greis

Historiker, etnolog, brygger, fægter, rollespiller, science fiction entusiast History and Ethnology, brewer and fencer, roleplayer and science fiction enthusiast

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