Put Down Your Dice

ed209Tid til en bonusrunde.

[for demonstration, Mr. Kinney rolls dice at ED-209]

ED-209: [menacingly] Please put down your dice. You have 20 seconds to comply.

Dick Jones: I think you better do as he says, Mr. Kinney.

[Mr. Kinney drops the dice on the floor. ED-209 advances, growling]

ED-209: You now have 15 seconds to comply.

[Mr. Kinney turns to Dick Jones, who looks nervous]

ED-209: You are in direct violation of Game Master’s Guide 1.13, Section 9.

[entire room of people in full panic trying to stay out of the line of the GM, especially Mr. Kinney]

ED-209: You have 5 seconds to comply.

Kinney: Help me!

ED-209: Four… three… two… one… I am now authorized to use shred your character sheet!

[ED-209 graps and shreds Mr. Kinney’s character sheet]


Hvis filmcitater var rollespil.

Om Morten Greis

Historiker, etnolog, brygger, fægter, rollespiller, science fiction entusiast History and Ethnology, brewer and fencer, roleplayer and science fiction enthusiast
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